Chicago...Here is a letter from Karla N. and Beverly D..........

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Apr 5 11:44:53 2000

I received the following letter from Beverly Doucette and Karla Nygren this morning...and I was asked to share it with all of our International Adhesions Society members:

Karla N. says:

Yes we are still in Chicago...I was smart and brought my laptop with me. I had downloaded free Internet service prior to coming down here so I wouldn't have to pay long distance charges.

Bev says:

I am soooooo pleased with yesterday's results with Karla.

Dr. Zachary is the chief of the reconstructive dept. here at that University of Chicago Medical Center. He was very receptive to having me in there with Karla and speaking on her behalf. He was respectful to Karla, understanding, receptive and very kind. He did acknowledge her (our ) concerns regarding her adhesions; and will be bringing in another surgeon, Dr. C. Frantzides, who is the chief of the minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical dept. to assist with the adhesions...BUT they will not be doing a complete adhesiolysis as we will be going to Dr. Reich down the road for that. Dr. Zachary will be performing what is called an auto graphing when he performs Karla's surgery. He will use Karla's own muscle tissue to reconstruct her " new " abdomen by removing some of her upper back muscle tissue and will build a " double " layer of abdominal muscle thus creating a double strength hold for her stomach! Ingenious to say the least...BUT now wait a moment, as if you're thinking how wonderful this is, let's think about the implications this has on Karla!! This will definitely give Karla a second chance at life. She will be able to do everything the " normal " person could do, you know, double the fun...BUT, she will have to do DOUBLE sit-ups, Double toe touches, and double the exercises to keep her new AB'S in shape!! :-) But she isn't worrying about that to say the least!

It is a wonderful day today, sun is shining, Chicago looks beautiful out our window here on the 23rd floor of the Hyatt...and Karla is laughing all the time! Thank all our dear, dear members for their prayers, and please let them know that they must never give up hope, even through the times they think are the lowest and most hopeless...remind them that all things good are of GOD'S time and in His generosity, they will be blessed, some way, some how and at a time that will be best for each one of them. Remind them of Karla's suffering and disappointments through these last years...and today she knows that she will not only be having her surgery under ONE great specialist, but THREE of them...and then on to the best in the world...Dr. Reich! Not too shabby for a small town girl!! Praise our God today...and know that he holds each one of you in the palm of his hand as we speak!

Please take this message and deliver it, as only you can do, Helen, to our dearest members with love from Karla and I..catch you from Wisconsin tonight! Peace and blessings...Bev

For those of you who are not familiar with Karla Nygren's difficult surgical problem, Karla has been the unfortunate victim of 27 surgeries in the past!!!!!!!!! In order to regain her health, Karla will need to have three different kinds of surgical teams at separate times to complete the restoration of her physical body. With the advocacy of one of the best people I have met on the Internet, Beverly Doucette, Karla is in very capable hands.

Bev. had to let her nursing license lapse when she was so ill from post surgical adhesions that she thought that she would never ever enjoy good health again. In April 199 Beverly had surgery done for her adhesions by the internationally recognized doctor, Harry Reich, M.D., at New York City. One year has passed, and Bev is still pain-free. Praise the Lord!!!

I will re-post instructions, which I have previously put together - which are currently in the IAS ARCHIVES and the ADHESIONS QUILT...

1.) So that you may learn more about the post surgical experiences of others, such as Karla N. and Beverly, and... 2.) So that you will learn how to make use of these two resources of the International Adhesions Society.

Perhaps, now each one of your will want to post your story on the ADHESIONS QUILT, if you haven't already done so.

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