Re: Toni..cramping & BMs

From: evie (
Tue Apr 4 09:43:57 2000

At Sun, 2 Apr 2000, wrote: >
>Toni, My GI dr put me on Levbid (or Hyosciamine - generic) to stop the
>crampiong that come w/BMs. Also to relieve the "lower gas" (bowel gas) he
>called it. My family dr has also prescribed this for me. She told me that
>Phazyme only helps with "upper gas" (stomach gas). It works pretty well most
>times. You might want to look into it w/your dr. I wish you luck, Toni, you
>sound as if you need it. I'll keep you in my prayers. Has anyone else
>noticed that we have quite the prayer line going here? Blessed Be To All.
>Karla B.

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