Re: Please...need info. Maybe Dr. Whitworth?

From: Karla Nygren (
Mon Apr 3 23:58:52 2000


I don't know much about adhesions on the kidneys...but I think if you have abdominal surgery you can get them anywhere...not just on the kidneys. It depends alot on how the surgeon cleaned up after his procedures. Any little speck of blood can cause adhesions.


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> I was wondering if anyone else knows of someone or themselves have ever
> had kidney adhesions. Or if there is any info on them and their
> treatment. I have had 3 kidney surgeries for stones with the last one
> removing 1/3 of the 7 years later I have moderate to severe
> chronic pain and they have no proof it is adhesions but it is the most
> likely source for the pain. I am seeing a Pain doctor and am recieving
> meds for the pain. They say I might have to be on pain meds
> indefinately.

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