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From: toni welsh (
Fri Mar 31 20:44:53 2000

At Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Tiffany wrote: >
>At Tue, 28 Mar 2000, wrote:
>>Thanks for a great letter. I feel so bad for you that all this has happened,
>>but you have learned from your mistakes and by writing your letter hopefully
>>helped many people to research and ask questions before any procedure. I
>>learned this the hard way too. Thanks to advice from others I now write any
>>and all questions I have and don't let them hurry me through until I
>>understand the answers. I recently waited three weeks for an appointment
>>with a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic and was treated horribly and rudely.
>>He was even rude to my husband and then ordered ten horrible unnecessary
>>tests. I went right home and wrote a letter to him and faxed it telling him
>>how rude and inconsiderate he was not to mention unsympathetic and
>>incompetent. I told him that there will come a time in his life when he will
>>need medical care and I hoped that he got a doctor who treated him with the
>>same indifference he treated me. It was really quite mean and not like me,
>>but I did get an apology letter so maybe it did have some impact. If not, I
>>am sure all the nurses and office staff got a big laugh out of it! People
>>who truly understand adhesions and the pain and suffering they cause are hard
>>to find. It took me a long time, but they are out there. Keep looking and
>>my best wishes are with you. Ginni
>I noticed that you mentioned the Cleveland Clinic which
>probably means you are in or around Cleveland. I too am
>from Cleveland and had a VERY bad experience with an Ob/gyn
>doc at the Cleveland Clinic.
>The reason I am writing is to give you the name of an
>Endometriosis specialist out of University Hospitals.
>I don't even know if you have endometriosis (I just reread the message)
>but if you do this doc is great. I
>recently had surgery with him and he is excellent. I
>do think that my adhesion may be reforming but that is
>not his fault. His name is Thomas Janicki.
>He is also pioneering the drug Danazol in suppository form
>which has none of the side effects of the oral.
>His website is and is new so not all there yet.
>anyway, just wanted to share that info

When you say one adhesion, what do you mean? I am not aware of having one adhesion, and when you say that, it confuses me. I am sorry if I sound so stupid, but the drs have said my abdomen looks like someone had poured ceazy glue in it, so when someone says ONE adhesion, I do not know what they are talking about.

I am seeing the gyn for consult next Thursday, with my husband, he was busy today when I took my sister, and he was off to do surgery, so all he said to me was are we getting close? He knows I am not willing to live like this, but I am going to try to stop the smoking, if the stress does not get to me.

We did but a van tonight, and are picking it up tomorrow, it is real nice, I have not taken any oxycontin for 4 days, and so far the bowels are moving some. The pain is still bothering me, and I guess I will give it one more try, I hope anyway, I feel secure when I see my gyn in person, and then later I get scared to death. I will not go into surgery without him assisting in the surgery, and he knows that. I guess I still want to ask about a lap, and if it fails again, then have the genral surgeon there, and conver to laparotomy, I will know more about that when I see the general surgeon. take care,


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