New to board--Bowel Sounds..pls help

From: Tiffany (
Fri Mar 31 12:07:35 2000

Greetings to all. I actually just came across this message board and what a great thing.

I am posting because I am afraid that my old adhesion is reforming and I am in a panic and in pain.

A little history:

I have stage 4 Endometriosis and have had two laparoscopic surgeries to remove it. Both surgeries were within 14 mos of each other with the last being done this past Jan. 28th.

So, I had endo everywhere etc. etc. and of course adhesions on Gallbladder, appendix (removed), and other organs in the pelvic cavity. The largest adhesion however was one that was fusing my uterus and bowel together. So, prior to the surgery I was having endo pain and bowel pain from the adhesion. So the surgery happened, the docs lysed the adhesion (which caused my uterus to prolapse (fall) which is quite another story) and sent me on my way. That was two months ago and inch by inch, the all to familiar pains are coming back. I wonder if the bowel adhesion has reformed.

I am most concerned about the HYPER bowel sounds I have after eating along with pain and cramping. This has led me to think of a bowel obstruction as I have read that bowel sounds (loud ones that could be heard across county lines) can be linked to obstruction.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Any advice, info, anything would be greatly appreciated.

regards tiffany

I have rectal pain and

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