tolerance to oxycontin

From: toni welsh (
Fri Mar 31 05:41:52 2000

When I went to pain clinic on Tues this weel, I asked them why the oxycontin stopped to help me, and the dr told me to stop taking it for three days, and then start it back up, after taking it so long it is not as effective, and I will start back to day, how long can you take these meds before they stop working all together? Makes me wonder, he added Ultram, but I have not taken it yet, I am tired all the time, and getting tired of the meds. I love to be active, and there seems to be a good day coming on, today, unless I push myself as usual, the story about Mike is how I have been trying to be, attitude, and I definitely put on a great front, alot of people think I am fine. I will talk to you all later, I hope alot of running to do today.


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