From: Gail (
Thu Mar 30 07:37:46 2000

I had a total hyst. 2 years ago. I have three great drs. - gynecologist, family, and oncologist that I see every 6 months because I had ovarian cancer, which I no longer have. But I have adhesions and my family dr. put me on Elavil. I tried 2 different doses and didn't think it did me any good except make me drowsy in the morning so I quit taking it. I have abd. pain about twice a month for 2-3 days. During this time, I get extremely exhausted very suddenly and grumpy. I had a lot of tests and my family dr. has said the only other thing to do is a lap. My oncologist also said I would probably need surgery. I don't want it, however, and wish there was some other medication that would work during the pain. I have bugged my family dr. so much and I hate to even go to him again with this. He did mention a pain clinic, but I'm not sure I would need that since I don't have pain continually. Does anyone have suggestions for meds I could suggest to my dr. or any other suggestions?


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