infections in tubes

From: toni welsh (
Thu Mar 30 07:00:25 2000

I just spoke to my sister, she goes to my gyn, and he did an ultrasound Tues, and she said he called her an told to immediately get in the office, she may need to to go hospital to get IV antibiotics, it appears she has an infection in her ovaries and tubes, but before doing any surgery he wants to try the meds. She is the one who has a stoma, she has a colostomy, and he is afraid he willl run into the same trouble I have had, adhesions. Seems right now the tubes and ovaries are stuck together, as the exam showed. Did anyone ever have something like this, she never asks enough questions. She is ALL upset!


While here, I was wondering if all your female organs are gone, is there still a possibility, the the gyn could fid something if he would do one on me, before I decide on surgery, or is it once they are gone, as he said, it probably won't show nothing. I was looking for piece of mind.

Take care, and good luck to all you who are getting closer to surgery, hope someone has an answer for the infection my sister has, I worry about her now!

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