From: toni welsh (
Tue Mar 28 06:52:27 2000

How many surgeries have you had all together? Mine have been in a period of over 23 years, but alot of them since 96. Are you condidering more? I am at the point where I want to go through a surgery now, but I continue to pull away. It is too scary to take a chance to end up with more scar tissue. My GI dr did tell me though that he thought there would be a better chance with the barrier seprafilm, all they ever tried on me was Interceed.

I am just so tired of not being able to do the things I like to do, let alone the things I have to do. I have been in alot of pain, and in tears since I went to help my husband at the flea market Saturday, but I am just not ready to give up the things I love to do. We have to live.

At times I think about traveling out of state for the surgery, like to Atlanta, or somewhere, but it seems like a total hassle with insurance to get it all together, there has to be SOMEONE in our cities who can help us, and believe that ARD is terribly painful. Someone HAS to listen!

Take care, Toni

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