a new dr

From: Robin (rmasse2333@aol.com)
Thu Mar 16 11:24:35 2000

Well, I got me a new dr. Well, I used to see her at the clinic where I had been going for over 17 years, but she left there & opened up her own clinic but wasnt covered under my ins. But in Feb. we canged ins. & is covered under it. After the way my former dr treated me, not believing I had scar tissue & pain, & thinking I needed detox because he thought I was addicted to the pain meds & they never followed up with referalls. I changed!! My dr thinks I wasnt taking enough meds to control my pain, so she increased it. She is also working on a referal to a pain clinic for me too! I am feeling so much better mentally! Having a dr that believes you & that can sympathize with you sure does help. Just so happy now. Robin


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