From: toni welsh (
Mon Mar 13 18:21:38 2000

I went to another dr. today, brought my op reports from 95 surgery, and the 3 in 98. When he read my reports he also said to me that there is probably no dr that could do the surgery through the lap. I had a fairly good day for most of the day, they increased Neurotin, and it seemed to help. About an hour ago, I started having the apin again, this is getting so hard to live with, trying to stay away from surgery, and constantly worry about bowel obstructions. I feel like this has taken over my life and I do not understand why all the drs I have seen say I have to have a laparotomy, they all say that seprafilm should help. My gyn used Interceed the last two times, the last surgery did scare me, teh tranverse colon was stuck to the pelvic floor, and pushed all to the right agian, also stuck to the abdominal wall. He said there was extremely sens adhesions all the way through the small bowel. He was amazed I did not have an obstruction. The large colon was smothering the small colon, I am terribly scared of all this, and do wonder why they all tell me I need to have a laparotomy. I am fearful as can be , I cannot even te;; my husband how bad, he tells me I don't have to he sees it on my face! Have to go for now I am afraid the phone will ring!

Toni Do not know where to turn, except I know I am headed for surgery in the future, but afraid things will get worse.

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