Re: prevention & treatment for surgical adhesions

From: Susan (
Mon Mar 13 17:15:20 2000

At Mon, 13 Mar 2000, anonymous wrote: >
>I have just discovered your useful site and thank you for creating it. I
>am a new member of the "club" of people dealing with post-surgery
>In my own case, I've only been dealing with this since a full
>hysterectomy 2 years ago. My main symptoms are a feeling of restriction
>on the left side of my scar and the apparent narrowing of the sigmoid
>colon (revealed during an aborted sigmoidoscopy). The narrowing is also
>noticeable by a reduction in the diameter of typical stool size. The
>narrowing of the stool diameter has increased over the past year and
>causes me to speculate whether I am headed for eventual colon
>obstruction. The thought is scary.
>There are 2 things I'd like to accomplish by participating in a sharing
>of information at this site: 1) to put pressure on physicians and
>hospitals to openly and proactively inform patients of this potential
>(probable) side effect to abdominal surgery and 2) to discover all
>effective methods for coping with adhesions already in place and
>preventing their continued growth.
>I'd also like to give my adhesions to the surgeon who performed this
>operation and let him carry them around for the rest of his life. I
>feel this way because prior to making the decision to have this surgery,
>I asked him "what would happen to all the other organs adjacent my
>uterus and ovaries once they were removed - how would the body adjust to
>this reduction?" His reply? "Oh, they just shift in place a little." And
>for that, he has the nerve to take the big bucks.
>Does anyone have additional suggestions for my quest to avoid colon
>obstruction (besides exercise, yoga, and low fat diet)? Thank you. Anonymous,
Sorry for your suffering.I had TAH,BSO,appendectomy last May.Everyday I could kick myself.Every lady I talked to said it was the best thing they ever done.I am going in for a Lap to see if I have gallbladder problem or adhesions 4/7.I don't think I have quite as much discomfort as you but I do have this bulgy feeling under my right rib cage.I know how fatty foods affect your gallbladder but never thought about fatty foods and adhesions.What is the connection?I have lots of constipation and try to eat prunes every day.THey seem to help.Good luck and I know how you feel toward the Dr,Susan

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