Re: laxative

From: toni welsh (
Fri Mar 10 08:09:48 2000

At Thu, 9 Mar 2000, chris wrote: >
>Hello Everyone, I have a question, my doctor put me on senna extract to
>see if it will help me go to the bathroom, and I was wondering if anyone
>has taken this and what were the effects. I am going to start taking it
>but I really am scared because of if anyone can help


Chris, that is the only thing that helps me, yes I get alot of cramping, but it does give a normal stool, I have to take senekot, and colace due to the new episodes I have been having. I finally went after 4 nights of milk of mag., an incresing it every night, and I had diarreha today, that is not the way I want to go, and the pain is still very bad today. I hope it helps you!


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