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Fri Mar 10 06:01:47 2000

Karla: Don't feel too bad. Nabisco downsized me despite excellent performance - my ninth appraisal started, "Karen did an excellent job fulfilling her objectives this year, but that is not what she will be measured on." After i was gone, they put a man ten years younger and paid him $10,000 more/year in my old job. They told my lawyer they would destroy me if I filed suit. Since the trauma of this had already launched me into a horrible menopause and post-traumatic Stress disorder, I am not sure how much worse they could have done. If I ever write that book, the opening line will be "It would have been easier to recover from being gang-raped by bikers at knifepoint, because THAT wouldn't have been personal".

This country is a myth when it comes to justice. Makes me want to move to Sweden (they do leading research in ARD at the Karolinska Institute). Best, Karen

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> Unfortunately, no. They were clever & blamed it on my "poor job
> performance". Funny, there was no problem at all until that fateful
day... >
> I DID ask for a reason, which under NY state law I was not entitled to.
What > was sent a short letter sayiing my work was not good enough for them to
keep > me. I tried civil rihgts, the labor board, everything I could tjhink of.
> Nothing led anywhere except me getting the short end of the stick. Thanx
> anyway...Karla B.

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