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From: Kay Moran (
Thu Mar 9 10:13:52 2000

To: Robin on Oxycontin

My pain doctor also switched me from MS Contin to OxyContin and back. I had the same experience as you did. The Oxycontin was not as effective, I had to take more of it & it caused urine retention (which was listed as a possible side effect). My most recent experience with pain doctors has been good. My only advice is to get your pain doc to switch you back to the MS Contin immediately.

Good Luck, Kay Moran

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> I had been taking Vicodin (Hydrocodon)Valtarin, & others with out having
> much pain reduction. I was up to 10 of the 7.5 Vicodin aday. My PCP
> then put me on MSContin 15mg at bed time only. I noticed a big
> difference, I cut my vicodin down to 4 aday. Then my PCP changed it to
> oxycontin, it didnt seem to help much, I had increased pain, but them my
> pharmasist told me I needed to get my pain under control again & to take
> 2 of the oxycontin, & take the vicodin for the break through pain. My
> pain is much more under control now, but I havent been sleeping well. I
> only have a few more days of the oxycontin, & then I will be able to go
> back on the MSContin. The MSContin seems to help a great deal more, it
> especially lets me sleep all night long, & it also reduces the break
> through pain during the day.
> At Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Kay Moran wrote:
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> >RE: Hydrocodone liver damage
> >
> >Liver damage with hydrocodone is caused by the acetaminophen ( Tylenol )
> >that it is combined with. I take it everyday as Norco 10mg/325mg. I can
> >take up to 8 a day & often have to take 2 at a time. It works. I also
take > >MS Contin 30 mg twice a day. That's morphine sulfate in timed release.
For > >all of you that have doctors or pharmacists telling you that you're
taking > >too much pain medication, what I'm taking is a moderate dose. You need a
> >pain doctor who knows what he or she is doing. Talk to Helen Dynda
> >, who has oceans of good information.
> > Good Luck All, Kay Moran

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> >> I was the one that mentioned liver damage with hydrocodone! I do not
> >> have any information for you regarding this. this is what a pain
> >> management Dr. told me.You may be able to look into it further on the
> >> internet. Sorry that I can not provide more information."FRIENDS THAT
> >>
> --
> Robin

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