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Thu Mar 9 09:37:05 2000

I had been taking Vicodin (Hydrocodon)Valtarin, & others with out having much pain reduction. I was up to 10 of the 7.5 Vicodin aday. My PCP then put me on MSContin 15mg at bed time only. I noticed a big difference, I cut my vicodin down to 4 aday. Then my PCP changed it to oxycontin, it didnt seem to help much, I had increased pain, but them my pharmasist told me I needed to get my pain under control again & to take 2 of the oxycontin, & take the vicodin for the break through pain. My pain is much more under control now, but I havent been sleeping well. I only have a few more days of the oxycontin, & then I will be able to go back on the MSContin. The MSContin seems to help a great deal more, it especially lets me sleep all night long, & it also reduces the break through pain during the day.

At Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Kay Moran wrote: >
>RE: Hydrocodone liver damage
>Liver damage with hydrocodone is caused by the acetaminophen ( Tylenol )
>that it is combined with. I take it everyday as Norco 10mg/325mg. I can
>take up to 8 a day & often have to take 2 at a time. It works. I also take
>MS Contin 30 mg twice a day. That's morphine sulfate in timed release. For
>all of you that have doctors or pharmacists telling you that you're taking
>too much pain medication, what I'm taking is a moderate dose. You need a
>pain doctor who knows what he or she is doing. Talk to Helen Dynda
>, who has oceans of good information.
> Good Luck All, Kay Moran

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>> I was the one that mentioned liver damage with hydrocodone! I do not
>> have any information for you regarding this. this is what a pain
>> management Dr. told me.You may be able to look into it further on the
>> internet. Sorry that I can not provide more information."FRIENDS THAT


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