Re: just lonely & smoking

From: Karen Kaplan (
Mon Mar 6 03:42:18 2000

Hi Toni: Last time I successfully quit smoking, I used hypnosis + the nicotine patch and promised myself I would only quit for three years since that seemed easier than forever. Welbutrin (or Zyban) also helps a lot, but I cannot take it since my last surgery at the proper dose because of the constipation and insomnia side effects. The patch really works for me - keeps my mind off the habit part while the withdrawal is easier - too bad i started smoking again post-op, and still can't find the will to want to quit again. keep hoping for a heart attack so i won't have to deal with more cancer in the future. Plus, both my parents had Parkinson Disease, and there is a connection with smoking - it reduces risk of PD - due to the dopamine neurotransmitters. too early to be coherent. like i need more insomnia... i was a little lonely this weekend too. work has gotten so stressful with a new president from McKinsey that I cannot concentrate on anything except how to find something else while still in post-op limbo. when i am stressed like this, i withdraw and the depression gets really bad. Karen

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> I guess I am alittle lonely tonight. I was wondering how everyone has
> been? There hasn't been alot of activity here, and was worried about you
> girls. I am just sitting here after a long day at the flea market, we
> made almost $500.00. I know it is worth it, I will just have to relax
> for a few days. I am going to the pain clinic to be hypnotized for
> smoking, if this does not work, there is no chance.
> I ordered a new sofa and loveseat and it will be in on Friday, so
> something to look forward to. I am always changing with the estate
> sales we go to, and now I will not ever cahnge my coffe table and end
> tables, everything I buy will be for resale. I get too confused
> changing all the time.
> I hope everyone is okay, and will be back tomorrow. Mt husband should
> be home soon. My son is never home, so I guess he will be home tongiht,
> he stays with his girlfriend alot, and she is leaving for Spain for 2
> weeks soon. That will be the most I will see him in awhile, I am hoping
> he gets married soon, I am looking forward to grandchildren.
> Take vare all,
> Toni

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