Re: Conscious Pain Mapping....websites are now correct!

From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Mar 5 19:20:08 2000

1.)* What is conscious pain mapping? Do you recommend performing this procedure?

2.* Use of Microendoscopy for Diagnostice and Therapeutic Office Laparoscopy Under Local Anesthesia: click: Articles

3.)* Chronic Pelvic Pain Needs Physical and Psychological Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment; New Program at Lehigh Valley Hospital One of Few in Country to Apply " Conscious Pain Mapping " (1-27-98)

4.)* Detecting the Cause of Pelvic Pain

5.)* Spirit of Women: Personal Profiles

6.)* Awake During Procedure, Patients Identify Source of Pelvic Pain [Note: You will have to type this website onto the address-line of your computer.]

7.)* Conscious Pain Mapping

8.)* Microendoscopic Course Unveils "Pain Mapping"

9.)* Medical experts put chronic pelvic pain on the map in Denver, April 3-4, 1998

10.)* An exclusive interview with C. Paul Perry, M.D., president of The International Pelvic Pain Society, on the organization's progress, goals and vision.

11.)* Microlaparoscopy: " No Stitch - No Bandaid " Surgery

12.)* Micro and Mini Laparoscopy -- click: Procedures...scroll down to and click: Micro and Mini Laparoscopy

13.)* Pelvic Pain Mapping

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