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From: Karen Kaplan (
Fri Mar 3 16:45:24 2000

Susan: about pain pills, before you consider going to the streets, there are apparently off-shore pharmacies in the Caribbean/West Indies that are on the internet. i've never looked, but it has to be safer than the street. each state has pain medicine control, but i think this is a Federal issue (drug enforcement agencyDEA), and they have a lot of doctors scared to medicate appropriately. i don't know anything about opium/morphine. half the country was drinking laudanum in the 19th century, but i don't know what laudanum is except a painkiller. take care - i'll leave it to the bulletin board to advise you about surgery, but i do know that the surgeon's skill is critical & excellent hemostasis (no bleeding or blood remaining) is extremely important. you should investigate the surgeon's reputation. and ask him/her about the procedure. laser is better in the sense that it is less invasive - the incision is very small and recovery is quicker. I would assume that the risks are comparable since there is risk with every surgery and anesthetic. and, apparently the bowel area is particularly difficult with laser. take advantage of having the time to do internet research and discuss the procedure in advance with your surgeon.

best to you, karen

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From: Susan <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Friday, March 03, 2000 4:30 PM Subject: Lasers

> I posted on OBGYN board about adhesions as I wanted a professional
> opinion whether it was possible to get rid of adhesions the first
> surgery.I am going to Atlanta and have lap,possible laser gallbladder
> and adhesion removal on April 7.Had TAH,BSO,appendectomy last 5/26 and
> have not been pain free since.The Drs on the OBGYN board said Laser is
> no better than any other kind of surgery.WHat is your opinion on that?I
> guess they just want us to hurt.I would just like to get some pain pills
> if I have to be in pain.If this doesn't help I think I will go on the
> streets and buy pain RX as I don't intend to live like this.Susan

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