Pain Management

From: toni welsh (
Mon Jan 31 07:16:04 2000

I am not happy at all with the pain clinic I see, I had alot of problems yesterday, and none of the meds seemed to help NONE of it, and when I call the clinic, they act like they do not want to hear it any more. The last two visits they seeme to be getting tired of me complaining, but if the meds do not help, why lie.

I am thinking baout another surgery at this point, but I am worried about my father in law now. Yesteday the pain was bad, the right side after pushing for BM, the right side felt like it was like a kink in the leg oer something, and it hurt to even touch it, it seems better today, but I will not call them, they should listen but they don't. They said there os nothing else they can do the meds are high enough!

I really thought they would help me!

Toni still thinking of you all!

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