From: Tara (eirelin@hotmail.com)
Mon Jan 31 02:09:21 2000

I went to the colon/rectal specialist last week. He's decided I have rectocele and intussusception, and now I have to have a defacography done (to anyone who hasn't had one, it's exactly what it sounds like). After a little research, I've found out that the intussusception is fairly rarely in adults; it usually is found in infants and toddlers. Also, one cause is apparently - you guessed it - adhesions!

So, now I'm waiting - and waiting - and waiting for them to get me an appointment with the one doctor in this whole area that does this defacography. Meanwhile, I'm as big as a house and in pain all the time. I will definitely need surgery - "Get rid of those adhesions again while you're at it!". I just hope they hurry up - I'm going to lose my job if they take too long!

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