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From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Fri Jan 28 18:22:50 2000

I received a letter from someone who has periodically posted messages here at the International Adhesions Society(IAS) Message Board. She expressed some confusion in regard to messages which she has received from the IAS Message Board.

In her words she said: "I just wonder though, if Dr. Wiseman (and maybe some others as well) realizes or remembers that some of the messages go to the board and others do not. It is strange when you get part of a "conversation" and then not the rest - or mention is made of an earlier post that some apparently never see. Since some of these messages and/or responses get to the board and others do not, how do you tell which is which?"

There are actually three kinds of email for the International Adhesions Society:

1.) Each message from the Message Board is sent separately to you - if you chose to receive IAS messages this way.

2.) The Adhesion Digest consists of ALL of the messages sent via one email each day.

3.) The International Adhesions Society *undisclosed recipients* mailing list includes those, who have requested to have their email addresses included on the IAS mailing list.

Dr. Wiseman uses the *undisclosed recipients* mailing list to inform those on the list about: the date and time of his *usual* monthly chats, about Lifecore Biomedical's meetings with the FDA on January 12th and January 25th, and a couple of town meetings which he is hoping to speak at, if enough interest is shown.

If you want to learn more about these mailing lists, please address your questions and concerns at this Message Board. Perhaps Dr. Wiseman will notice the confusion of one person and will post a message to help clear up the mailing list confusion. If not, I may be able to answer your concerns. Please feel free to express your feelings about this.

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