From: Tina Shelby (
Fri Jan 28 14:46:48 2000

Hi all,

I just got something from Clear Passages in Florida about treatment of adhesions and infertility with physical therapy. Treatment consists of physical therapy and massage to address pelvic adhesions, pain and poor organ function. In the process of providing this type of PT they are showing a 50% success rate in reversing infertility with women are infertile due to adhesion, blocked tubes, mechanical, or unknow causes. They stress that the clinical studies are ongoing, no scientific studies prove that their treatment reduces infertility. They add that the their oldest successful infertility reversal was 41-year-old patient after 11 hours of therapy and the lowest number was 5 treatment hours before achieving a successful full-term pregnancy.

They also note that patients with pain complaints tend to notice positive changes quickly, often within the first few treatments.

They have gotton some national press and are now looking for patients for the research study. If you would like more information, they will send you what they mailed me. Included was the research article, in interview with a radio station, pateint questionnaire, magazine articles that talk about their conservative treatment, a pamplet that describes adhesions/treatment and a letter about the research.

Just let me know and I will send you their address. I will add again, that I have not tried this approach so I can not tell you of a personal experience. I know that some have had very good experiences.


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