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From: Karla Nygren (
Tue Jan 25 23:55:58 2000

With the use of Intergel not being approved by the FDA due to an increased number of infections...would it not be wise for us to wait until they have corrected that problem. I have had a problem with surgical infections and they are not fun....I would not want to undergo any procedue that has a greater risk of infection as one of its side effects. Just my thoughts.


surgery by surgeons from the following countries: >
>* Canada - as of October 1998
>* Europe
>* the Middle East
>* South Africa
>Adhesions occur following every surgical procedure - because this is our
>body's natural way of healing itself.
>It is my understanding that approximately 90% of surgical patients do
>not experience pain as a result of adhesions.
>On the other hand, about 10% of surgical patients, for some unknown
>reason, have a tendency to be adhesion-formers. With each surgical
>procedure, their adhesions re-form and de nova (new) adhesions develop.
>As a consequence, their chronic pain becomes increasingly more painful.
>Until a gel adhesion barrier (such as Intergel) has been approved by the
>FDA, more surgery for these people is not advised. Pain Management is
>the best that medical science has to offer at this time.

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