Re: Advice please...

From: Kimmi (
Sat Jan 22 22:30:28 2000

Tara, Hi I get the extreme bloating, and look like I am several months pregnant. Short story I went to see gyn doctor because of all these problems,and his u/s machine was being used so he sent me next door to the mid wives clinic to get one done. Well she calls my name and starts doing the u/s she assumed I was pregnant because of the size of my abdomen,she flipped when she started doing the sonogram and realized umm not pregnant and had no organs in there. She apologized for the assumtion. now mind you I am no more than a 100 lbs and looked a good 4 or more months pregnant. Anyways yes I would see your doctor, alot of the bloating for me is trapped gas that will not pass. Lots of walking and massaging to try and help it go down. Sometimes nothing works and I have to wait for it to go down on its own. But I would have it checked out. Excessive bloating can be a sign of problems..Good luck Kimmi

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