so far so good

From: chris (
Sat Jan 22 11:34:47 2000

Hello Everyone, I have waited a while to write this letter. I had surgery on Oct.18,1999, it was suppose to be a lap and in the middle of the surgery the doctors realized they could not finish this way because of massive adhesions, so they open me up and still had alot of problems. The surgery told over 5 hours to remove adhesions and my ovary, and it was suppose to be an hour to and hour an half, and a same day surgery. I had a chief of gyn doing the surgery and he did not really want to do the surgery because of adhesions but when he found out I knew all there was to know about adhesions he agreed. I never went into surgery with hopes of being pain free, because I knew there was no way to stop the adhesions from reforming but I hope to have less pain.The doctors had to deal with alot of bleeding and also they could not get all the adhesions and I understand because they had problems seeing anything because of adhesions.It is 3 months after surgery and I feel ok, I am not pain free, but I have pain I can deal with. If I would not have had my ovary I would never have had another surgery, not because of doctors but because I learned my lesson on surgery for adhesions, you are in a no win situtation(sp) but it was my last hope. I am thankful to be a part of this group, because of you all I knew what I was getting into and what questions to ask. I went to the doctor last Wed for a check up and I had some questions and one thing she said to me was never agree to another surgery unless your life depends on it and I told her I will never have another surgery unless my life depends on it. I am not totally healed so I do not know if the pain will get worse, it will be a few more months before I am healed and really how much pain I am having but so far I feel ok except for the minor pain. Thanks to everyone for helping me.

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