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From: Helen Dynda (
Sat Jan 15 19:55:21 2000

Tara, I cannot give you advice; I can only offer information.

The best that can be done for adhesions at this time is pain management. With the right kind of medications and therapy in a multidiscipinary pain clinic, it is possible to achieve good management of chronic pain.

Two OB/GYNs are listed as members of the International Pelvic Pain Society. One is from Tampa and the other is from Hollywood. Here is the website:

There is a listing of pain clinics for Florida (as well as for many other states)and I did see at least two from Orlando. You will find their addresses at:

* A World of Information on Pain - click: Consumer Information; then click: Pain Clinics.

At Sat, 15 Jan 2000, Tara S. wrote: >
>First, the background:
>4/92 Ectopic pregnancy (emergency surgery, removal of left ovary &
>fallopian tube)(I did tell him it wasn't bad cramps - but as usual, he
>ignored me)
>1/95 Conal biopsy, tubal ligation, lysis of adhesions (surprise, Dr. -
>I TOLD you I was hurting!)
>8/96 Partial hysterectomy (all except the remaining ovary), lysis of
>adhesions (after 2 months of painkillers that made me stupid and
>nauseous and didn't stop the pain)
>One week before the last operation was scheduled, I went in because of
>sudden bloating (I looked very pregnant!). The doctor I saw told me I
>was constipated and sent me home. I had approximately 1 yr of relief
>following the surgery, then the bloating started up again. The pain is
>constant, and when I'm bloated, it is nearly impossible to move.
>I've had these episodes anywhere from 4-6 months apart, and each lasts
>anywhere from 1 day to 2 1/2 weeks. I've lost 3 jobs because of this,
>and the lab bills keep mounting up because, of course, insurance won't
>pay them. Now it's started again. I went through all the x-rays, CAT
>scans, the barium enema (no, no apparent blockage), and a ton of other
>tests. I was trying to avoid another operation. I can live with the
>constant pain - it's pretty bad but bearable. But not this - it started
>again last night and now I'm on the verge of losing another job. I
>can't do it!
>If anyone reads this fairly quickly, I would like to know whether or not
>I should go to a clinic or what. An appointment with a doctor could
>take forever, and I can't work until something is done. I'm so paranoid
>about doctors because I get the same reactions as most of you apparently
>do - I'm an idiot and it's all in my head. Besides, they aren't the
>ones who end up with one unpayable bill for every work day they miss.
>I'm in the Orlando, FL area. Does anyone know of a doctor around here
>with any experience with adhesions? Thank you so much.
>Tara Sherman

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