From: jaynie (
Fri Jan 14 12:15:29 2000

Please read my post on Jan.4th. I will be haveing this massage done on Jan. 25th so I will report back. It makes since to me that some of us could be suffering from tight pelvic wall muscles. Dr. Barbara Levy says she sees alot of patients with endo. and adhesion that have no pain ! Of course this can't be a DX for all of us. But I'm sure hoping I'm one of them. I smoke, tied to quit and did for 8 days. Then my 1st smoke I felt increased pelvic pain. Levy says 90 % of her patience with pelvic pain are heavy smokers.I think it took says for my Jan. 4th post to get on the forum. And I will get busy with all the work we have to do for Christine and our selfs , getting the word out ! thanks Jaynie

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