Help!! Do I have adhesions!

From: Donna (
Fri Jan 14 06:40:57 2000

Hi everyone! I just recentely found your websight and need your opinion on whether I have adhesions. I had a vaginal hysterectomy almost 2 years ago leaving me with my right ovary. I have beem in constant pain on both sides ever since. My doctor acts like I am some kind of nutcase and tells me he wishes everyone would heal like me and said, "Donna, do you think you will ever get better." Like I'm enjoying being in pain! Anyway, if I never move my body again, I will probably be OK. But if I exercise, I end up with extreme abdominal pain, even tender to the touch! No pain medication even relieves the pain either. No bowel problems yet as I have just had fissure surgery and things are a little odd but won't go into that. Does this sound like adhesions and is exercise good for adhesions or bad? I know it causes pain, but if you don't move around, do the adhesions get worse? Thank you for your opinions! Donna

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