Re: gastroesophageal reflux disease = GERD -- Even more information

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Jan 5 20:03:44 2000

After reading Darlene's message, I had a flashback to my experience with GERD several years ago. Darlene mentioned that she has a hiatal hernia. Hiatal hernia is also part of my problem!

Earlier today I wrote of another flashback I had about my experience with GERD - BUT the darn computer locked up on me and there was no way I could send my message - sooo frustrating! It gave me such a helpless feeling that I am really seriously considering making all of my posts via e-mail - which is what I am doing right now.

Anyway in reflecting about my experience with GERD, H. pylori, and a hiatal hernia, I was reminded about the time I volunteered for H. pylori research at the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC). HCMC is a very large hospital in downtown Minneapolis. Since I live in a small town, I wouldn't have dared to go there by myself. My oldest daughter is a R.N. at HCMC; and she said she would take me there - so with her knowledge of the layout of the hospital, this made it easier for me to do this.

The research experience I volunteered for is/was a *non-invasive* procedure to diagnose H. pylori. My memory is not too clear about this - but I do remember having to drink a small styrofoam cupful of a special liquid. Then after a certain time period, I had to exhale into a *specially constructed plastic bag*. As a result of doing this, this diagnostic test would reveal whether or not I tested positive for H. pylori. My results were positive for H. pylori; but for some reason, which I do not remember, I did not qualify for the next research procedure.

I also remember having gone through endoscopy so that the doctor could actually see if I was H. pylori-free. Thankfully, I was!

Perhaps the most important point I would like to make is: if you are experiencing GERD, it is very important that you be treated for this condition. When stomach contents back up into your esophagus, the acid from your stomach can be very damaging to your esophagus and cause scarring to develop.

If you have been treated for GERD - and don't seem to be making much progress with your treatment - then maybe you should be looking for another doctor - a doctor who will be much more helpful and sympathetic to your concerns.

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