Re: Dateline - Getting the Word Out

From: Karen Kaplan (
Wed Jan 5 17:50:22 2000

To those of you who saw the Dateline segment on endo and Lupron, the "expert" doctor was my former gyn, Dr. Gerson Weiss, chairman of the ob/gyn dept at New jersey's medical school, UMD and the director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine at Hackensack University Hospital. He is my former gyn since two months after my surgery for endometrial cancer. It was at that point I realized that he does not believe that ARD causes problems, so no one should go to him for endo or ARD, menopause or infertility. I never trusted a doctor more than I trusted him, and to find out that he completely ignored my history of ARD still upsets me. He also doesn't think that estrogen without progesterone is a significant risk factor in endometrial cancer. He handed me over to a surgeon who also teaches at UMD, Dr. Bernadette Cracchiolo, who is also in denial about ARD. So, if you get cancer and need a gynecological oncologist, stay away from her. She ended my surgery when I started to ooze blood, guaranteeing worse ARD. I'd go on, but may start using stronger language about the "expert" and his protege! Thanks for letting me vent - I wrongly assumed Dr. Weiss matched his reputation and the anger has yet to subside.

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From: Anne Hayashi <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 6:39 PM Subject: Dateline - Getting the Word Out

> Down with the flu and have been watching Dateline for the
> past two broadcasts. The first one this past week dealt
> with endo and problems associated with Lupron. The second dealt with
> the controversy over fibromyalgia. Maria
> Shryver has been doing the interviews. Perhaps it is
> a good time for all of us to write into
> and let them know about ARD and the many problems associated
> with it. Since we don't have a high profile celebrity
> representing us, and are not considered a "blockbuster",
> disease, it may be time that we try to get some
> media attention through a mass write in campaign. Others
> have accomplished it, why not us?
> There is strength in numbers, and I pray this will
> be one avenue for putting this disease on the map.
> Best wishes to all of you this Millennium,

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