Re: Cholestrol count & Adhesions? Any relationship?

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Tue Jan 4 18:26:47 2000

SueAnne.. To me you either have adhesions or you don't, so wether it be 1 or have it! I had 1, yes one adhesion that was pulled the right side of my intestines acrossed and twisted upside down and attached to the left wall! Now it was that ONE adhesion that caused so much pain you would have thought I had 500 attached to the peritoneum. Granted all my intestines were intertwined and adhessed to gether into what looked like a solid ball of intestines ( not even distinguishable as intestines actually ) and indeed I had serious bowel problems, but no pain from that mess at all!

In reality, SueAnne, it is the adhesions that attach an organ to the peritoneum that causes the paun we feel, not the adhesions that attach intestine to intestine as the outter surface of the intestines have no feeling at all..only the peritoneum does! BUT>>>it is imparative to have the intestines seperated as they sure will obstruct and self distruct ( I made up that last part, but actually they can do that too!!! )

I am also curious how many ARD members suffer Gastric Reflux disorder? That is when you eat something, doesn't matter what ussualy, and you get heartburn, or vomit up or just " urp " up an acidy blie following your meals or food intake? The heartburn can actually hurt in the chest. Any one?

I'll tell you this, friends, if we get nothing out of our suffering with ARD, we will at least be as smart as a rocket scientist and know a heck of a lot more about this disease then any other human being on this planet..and that includes the medical society in general!!

I am a lot less angry now that I have company with the high cholesterol they say, " Misery likes company " and you know what? It does feel sort of good !!!! Any more out there??

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From: Sue Ann Murray <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 4:30 PM Subject: Re: Cholestrol count & Adhesions? Any relationship?

> >I went to my PCP last Tuesday and had a blood workup done. When the
> >cholesterol count came back it was 280. He called me suggesting that I
go > >on a low cholestrol diet and sent out the information regarding that
diet! >
> Keeping in mind that I do not have ARD, only had a few adhesions that were
> causing some pain and a few problems, my cholesterol has always been low
> (170-190), and having just had my liver function double checked because of
> possible side-effects from an anti-fungal medication I took, my liver
> function was also fine. At least that's one area I don't have to worry
> about!
> Sue Ann

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