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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Tue Jan 4 18:26:46 2000

Dear Peggy.. I do have to agree with helen that DR. reich is not onl the most famous laporoscopic surgeon, but the only surgeon in the world who specializes in lysing adhesions. I can send you information as to how to contact him and get the best results in getting to him for surgery if found that it is warrented. Just give me a holler through your personal e-mail address and i'll get that to you immediatly!! bev

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> Peggy,
> Dr. Harry Reich, who has his office in New York City, is the very best
> of surgeons - and I know that Bev will agree. Dr. Reich is recognized
> as being the most ambidexterious laparoscopic surgeon in the world!
> Dr. Garth Ballentyne has been given a high recommendation by person,
> whom I have been in contact with via e-mail. I would have to look up
> where he is from - but I think he also has his office in New York City.
> I do know that he is specializes in laparoscopic surgery.
> Then there is Dr. David Olive, who is on the staff at Yale University
> in New Haven, Connecticut. He is also a highly recommended surgeon. I
> know a patient who had surgery done by him January 1999. I know that he
> is one of the few surgeons who is able to do "second-look" surgery or
> what is also known as "conscious pain-mapping."
> Possibly one determining factor as to which surgeon is right for you is
> whether laparoscopic surgery is still an option for you.
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> At Tue, 4 Jan 2000, wrote:
> Helen, I am from New York. Do you know any Drs. Here? At this point I
> would look into anything. "FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" Peggy

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