Re: Welcome back Peggy

From: teresa hunt (
Sun Oct 31 20:09:24 1999

Hi Peggy, I am happy to see you back! I have missed your posts. You always have something helpful to post. I am sad to hear of your problems and pray they get better soon! I, too am very frustrated at the news about intergel. I am ready for this all to be over (I'm sure everyone else is too). I am not a very patient person when it comes to pain. I go to the pain clinic Monday for some kind of block. Hope it helps. The patches help, if I take it easy. If I feel good at all Taking it easy is the last thing I do. Oh well, live and learn. Welcome back Peggy. I haven't been on since Thursday and I'm trying to catch up. Teresa

>From: (Peggy)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
>Subject: Intergel
>Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 20:38:28 -0500
>Hello everyone,.Well I just spent about 1/2 hour writing and hit the
>wrong key and lost evrything. I just can not stay away any longer. I
>need the support and understanding from everyone on here. Did any
>receive an e-mail from Dr. Wiseman this week.telling us about the
>conference he went to ? I was not happy with what he told me. He said
>that someone from the FDA was there and they are about 6-8 months behind
>with looking at all the studies and trials of intergel.So that means
>they are that far away from approving it.Isn't that wonderful ? I think
>we all get our hopes up too much, that something will become available
>to help us. I have been having a pretty rough time of things.The pain
>meds that I am taking ( methadone and Klonopin) are not helping me at
>all anymore.I saw my gyn on Tuesday and he is recommending another
>laporoscopy with the removal of the last tube and ovary.As to eliminate
>this being some of the cause of my pain.Like everyone else I am having
>trouble with bowel movements.I am taking 200 mgs. docusate sodium
>(stool softener) once a day but this is not helping. I have developed
>hemeroids and a fissure from trying to push so hard. A fissure is like
>a paper cut in the anal canal.Hurts like a son of a gun when I go.I also
>get a sharp shooting pain from the lowest part of the abdomin to the
>area between the vagina and anus.My gyn said that this is most likely
>caused from an adhesion. He checked the area on the outside,Where I say
>the pain goes and said the the skin has thinned quite abit in that area
>and has prescribed a progesteron (sp) cream to use to toughen up the
>skin. Any one else with this type of problem?
>I have an appointment with my pain management Dr. on Wednesday and will
>see how he feels about what the gyn is recommending.I also want off
>these narcotics.Why be on something that is not helping any way? I am
>really worried though about what I have to go through when coming off
>these meds.Well I am really happy to be back.I decided that this forum
>is too important to me to let anyone bother me.My biggest decision will
>be When to have the surgery.I would like to wait until after the
>holidays but do not know if I can.Thanks for listening .And a big
>welcome to all the newcomers. I hope that you get the support that you

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