From: Peggy (
Fri Oct 29 13:06:07 1999

Hello everyone,.Well I just spent about 1/2 hour writing and hit the wrong key and lost evrything. I just can not stay away any longer. I need the support and understanding from everyone on here. Did any receive an e-mail from Dr. Wiseman this week.telling us about the conference he went to ? I was not happy with what he told me. He said that someone from the FDA was there and they are about 6-8 months behind with looking at all the studies and trials of intergel.So that means they are that far away from approving it.Isn't that wonderful ? I think we all get our hopes up too much, that something will become available to help us. I have been having a pretty rough time of things.The pain meds that I am taking ( methadone and Klonopin) are not helping me at all anymore.I saw my gyn on Tuesday and he is recommending another laporoscopy with the removal of the last tube and ovary.As to eliminate this being some of the cause of my pain.Like everyone else I am having trouble with bowel movements.I am taking 200 mgs. docusate sodium (stool softener) once a day but this is not helping. I have developed hemeroids and a fissure from trying to push so hard. A fissure is like a paper cut in the anal canal.Hurts like a son of a gun when I go.I also get a sharp shooting pain from the lowest part of the abdomin to the area between the vagina and anus.My gyn said that this is most likely caused from an adhesion. He checked the area on the outside,Where I say the pain goes and said the the skin has thinned quite abit in that area and has prescribed a progesteron (sp) cream to use to toughen up the skin. Any one else with this type of problem? I have an appointment with my pain management Dr. on Wednesday and will see how he feels about what the gyn is recommending.I also want off these narcotics.Why be on something that is not helping any way? I am really worried though about what I have to go through when coming off these meds.Well I am really happy to be back.I decided that this forum is too important to me to let anyone bother me.My biggest decision will be When to have the surgery.I would like to wait until after the holidays but do not know if I can.Thanks for listening .And a big welcome to all the newcomers. I hope that you get the support that you need. Peggy

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