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Thu Oct 28 19:39:07 1999

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, and I need to > talk to m husband, and I feellike he my be tired of me. He sys he is
> not, he says he is just worried and he does not know what to do for me.
> After a small amt of gas came out finally, I did fall asleep, I hate the
> fact my bowels are running my life.
> Toni


I was just sharing the paragraph above with my husband. I go threw the same with him. I too feel that he must be tired of me talking about my bowls and my adhesion pain. He said, " I've learned to accept that this is how your body is, and I have peace with that. I become concerned when things don't go right or you have flare UP's."

With him sharing that it gave me peace. My husband does not share feelings easily, so I thank you for opening a door for him to see that he is not the only husband out there.

I watched the World Series last night, went to bed and I tossed from side to side unable to sleep and needing to go to my on call job today. Well........I made it to work finally fell asleep at 4am.

Be encouraged, talk with your husband.!!!!!!!

Denise in Seattle

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