Re: Need info on Dr. Harry Reich

From: Michele (
Tue Oct 26 16:39:56 1999

Gina, Dr. Reich is highly recommended a surgeon I've seen, Dr. Redwine. Here is a site to an endo message board...scroll down...a woman named "Grace" just had surgery with him and feels very good. It's worth it.

Hope that takes you directly into the message board. If not, try hit message board.

Good Luck, Michele

At Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Gina wrote: >
>Hi everyone,
>This Long Island NY Dr. has been recommended to me as the best
>specialist in adhesions, and I am seeking info on him. I heard he has
>his own website but I can't find it in the search engines. Also has
>anyone had any experiences with him? Has anyone traveled there from out
>of state to see him, was it worth it, how much of a hassle was it, etc?

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