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From: toni welsh (
Tue Oct 26 10:37:59 1999

At Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Gina wrote: >
>Hi Toni,
>One thing I know for sure, and maybe this will help others here also.
>The laxatives you are taking CAUSE gas and pressure, and cramping. I
>was told by the Dr. to avoid sennecot, exlax and senna etc. He said
>those make it worse!
>The best things to take that won't cuase pain/pressure/gas
>at the levels of the harder laxatives are:
>Lactulose (prescription), metamucil (2x a day followed by a full glass
>of water after each dose), eat a salad every day, drink warm decaf tea,
>and I have heard triphala works wonders as well. Try to get away from
>the other laxatives which will just make the pain worse, and they aren't
>working very well anyway!
>What I did to get my bowels moving again, without added pain and
>pressure and no diahrea:
>lactulose 2x a day (even tho it said only 1x a day I took it 2x a day
>for 3 days), metamucil 2x a day with lots of water after each one, salad
>every day, 8-10 glasses of water, and colace 2x a day. It worked! I had
>normal stools again, no diahrea and cramping, some gas but not the
>painful kind because it came out easily (too easily! LOL).
>I have at least one really productive natural BM daily on that routine.
>I stopped following it for a few days and now haven't had a BM in 2
>days. So I guess it's back to the routine, sigh....
>At Mon, 25 Oct 1999, toni welsh wrote:
>>At Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Gina wrote:
>>>Hi Toni,
>>>I sure do understand your fears & why you have them! (It is same for me
>>>in my family with bowel problems, and cancer running in the family and I
>>>have pretty much had everything my mom had so far, and she died of
>>>cancer at 52. I'm 36).
>>>I am sure you are telling your docs of your family history correct? I am
>>>surprised that you aren't seeing a GI doc regularly to monitor your
>>>situation? I think if it were me, I would insist on being followed-up. I
>>>know a few years ago I had severe IBS (that I now believe was caused by
>>>adhesions). I was seeing a specialist almost monthly for years for this
>>>problem, I was followed VERY closely. No one even mentioned adhesions
>>>then, or I could have been saved 8 years of suffering from it. The
>>>adhesions on my bowels were removed in my last surgery 6 weeks ago.
>>>2 weeks ago I had serious bowel troubles, and pain and pressure. I am
>>>convinced I have new adhesions, this time on my lower intestines in
>>>pelvic area. It took me a week of taking laxatives, and an ER visit,
>>>plus an enema morning and night daily, before I started to get relief. I
>>>would suggest you try enemas also. It is less destructive than
>>>Also try metamucil 2x a day, follow each glass with a FULL glass of
>>>water. Try to get away from laxatives such as senna, x-lax, etc. Those
>>>make things worse and don't promote a healthy bowel environment at all.
>>>Also if you could eat a salad every day, it would help.
>>>My bowels are now moving daily, but are a little sluggish (takes 3 days
>>>to eliminate a specific meal). I believe the zantac prescription I take
>>>for the suspected stomach ulcer, is causing the little bit of sluggish
>>>bowel constipation I still have. Today I am seeing a doc to switch
>>>medicines (tagamet supposedly doesn't have that side effect, zantac
>>>Hope this helps?
>>>>yesterda I could
>>>>not even walk and to try to move the pain and costricting pain was
>>>>terrible. I have not gone to the bathroom for awhile, and I do think
>>>>that was part of the problem, but some of my drs just do not listen to
>>>>me, if I do not take a laxative of some sort, and they tell me senekot
>>>>being a vegetable laxative, will not hurt my bowel, I do not go. I am
>>>>feeling now my bowel has become reliant on laxatives.
>>>>last week I took it on monday night, and the cramps kept me awak for 3
>>>>hours, and finally I did go, but it hurts to ave a bowel movement.
>>>>People who do not ave this problem do not understand the terrible pain.
>>>>For a lot of people it is just normal to go everyday. They do not
>>>>understand my fear, My mother dies after an epeisode kind of a bowel
>>>>obstruction, but I know now she had a different situatio. her bowel
>>>>died, and te blood supply was cut off to her bowel, and the drs kept
>>>>telling her it was the flu. Well she had 3 surgeries in 3 days 6 hours
>>>>long, and we lost her. She was very ill and I know this. We did not
>>>>know it then, she trusted her drs. WRONG!
>>>>Well we lost another family member, he was 70 years old, but he had a
>>>>colonoscopy in June, and the dr DID tell him he could not get the scope
>>>>in, and he did have a blockage, well he was told to see a surgeon, and
>>>>he didn't. he got sicl on a Sunday, and they had to remove 7 inches of
>>>>his bowel, but he had already develped an infection, they put a
>>>>temporarycolostomy on him and gave him 48 hours and they would have to
>>>>go back in, well 28 hours later they performed emergency urgery again,
>>>>and he died he next night. Tis WAS a bowel obstruction that killed him
>>>>My feras a so real and strong, and I am extremely scared of ANYMORE
>>>>surgery unless there is an obstruction, but when you have this happen in
>>>>your family so many times, and crohns disease in your son and sister the
>>>>fears are greater, I am scared, and very scared. Today I am feeling
>>>>better, but I am convinced that I am ahving partial obstructions at
>>>>times, do to the extreme pain I get at times. Do any of you understand
>>>>this fear, or am I crazy?
>>>>I hope today finds you all happy, I am to the poit now where I do not
>>>>even feel like going out too often, and that is not me. I guess I just
>>>>want to feel good again, and time keeps going on. when is some one
>>>>going to find a way to help us. Boy I did not expect this to be so
>>>>long, sorry!
>>>>Love to all,
>>Gina, thank you so uch for your caring post. I have been treated fir
>>IBS for years, they changed te Levbid Itook for raninitide, it is a
>>generic for zantac. On top of that being constipating I have been on
>>narcotics for 7 months now. Seems every med I take it is constipating,
>>cannnot win.
>>This morning I woke up with severe cramping , and still my bowels have
>>not moved. When I get those cramping pains and they are very strong, I
>>wait a little while, and even though it s very painful just to tr to
>>relief it, the gas is extremely hardto get out. This is all that has
>>come ut so far, not to sound gross, but that is the only way to explain
>>this to drs. I drank a large glass of prune juice which should work for
>>me soon. But this is why I feel I ave had partal obstructions, due to
>>the terrible hard pains after a laxative, I had 4 senekot and 2 colace
>>before bed. It works for awhile, then I go back on duphalc which is a
>>prescription syrup, this is safe to take forever, but it works for
>>awhile too, then I have to depend on something else. I sometimes feel
>>so discouraged I cannot tand it Gina, but something keeps us going. Now
>>the thought that something may work for us someday. By the waywith all
>>this on my mid, I am prod to say it is now a full month for no
>>cigarettes, it got rough Saturday, but I made it through tat day! Back o
>>the patch, it DOES help! I hope you feel better soon, Gina, I care too!

Thank you Gina, I have the duphalac syrup is the generic for lactulose. I do need to add the Metamucil though, and the biggest trouble, and my gyn asks all the time WATER, I hate it, strange aren't i? What is triphala?


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