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From: Merri Ellen (
Sat Oct 23 10:29:02 1999

At Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >
>At Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Merri Ellen wrote:
>>Hi everyone! I went to a Gastro Dr. yesterday for a consultation about
>>a colonoscopy. I only agreed to go if we would JUST be talking about
>>it! One false move toward a scope or instument and he knew I would make
>>Flash Gordon look like a geriactric patient! Hahahaha! I have agreed to
>>follow through with the tests (grrrrrr) if only for the fact that both
>>my parents have had colon problems. Mom had colon cancer, ending in an
>>ileostomy. He did agree with me that previous tests (11 years ago)
>>revealed nothing and the entire trouble was not internal colon problems.
>>He even agreed that my pain and bowel disturbances may be related to the
>>strangle hold of nasty adhesions. He listened and resonded
>>appropriately to my concerns about the scope. I am usually wrapped
>>pretty tightly with adhesions in the bowel area and my fear is that he
>>would push the scope against the resistance basically because he could
>>not SEE anything to CAUSE the resistance. He promised to retract the
>>scope at first sight of resistance. I didn't ask for a blood oath but I
>>left the office reassured. He gave me Levbid to help control the
>>spastic bowel problems. I have a question for anyone who has had a
>>bowel resection during adhesion lysis. Could the adhesions, which
>>usually form AROUND organs, also form INSIDE organs? I really feel that
>>some of the bowel disturbance is related to the one specific spot where
>>the resection was done years ago. Sorry about being so long winded!
>>Everyone have a great weekend!
>>Merri Ellen
>Hi Merri Ellen:
>This is my concern too. I was told after my last lap that my sigmoid
>colon was in an abnormal position due to adhesions. It was supposed to
>have been fixed, have no way of knowing right now, but you now how that
>sometimes goes. I asked a doctor on another forum about this and he
>said with good skill and adequate medication there should be no problem.
>I still say it helps to be aware that a problem could exist, as your
>doctor does. It is for this reason that if I ever need another
>colonscopy I will request that it be done by the colo-rectal surgeon
>rather than a GI doctor. I don't know about all colo-rectal surgeons in
>general, but this specific one also treats colo-rectal disorders and
>performs colonoscopies. I am sure your GI will be very careful as he
>does not want to perforate your bowel!!! Actually, I'm not sure how
>likely this is to happen with a colonscope or flexible sigmoidscope.
>Maybe Tina could help here.
>Chris S.

Dear Chris and Tina, This is the same GI colorectal surgeon from 11 years ago. After the test was completed and they had FINALLY convinced themselves that I did not have a colon disease...they discovered that the problem was my gallbladder. Even after I repeatedly voiced my concerns about approaching this as a simple gall/surgery they did not listen. I got the "Miss, do you know how many of these surgeries I do in a week?" "It will be a you just relax!" was not a snap. I was bleeding internally from bowel perforation. I was told that the adhesions had done this damage but I firmly believe that the colonoscopy may have jolted this damage into high gear. I had been experiencing symptoms of shock for several days prior to the surgery. Cold, sweaty, grey/hazy feeling. Very similar to the symptoms of my ectopic pregancy when the tube was bursting. My bowel was nicked by the gallb. surgeon and another surgeon had to be called in to do the resection. Before they could even get to the gallbladder all these adhesions had to be dealt with. Hours later the surgeons addressed my parents about what had happened and how long it took. If I had felt better upon wake up time I probably would have done the "I told you so dance". But I just didn't have the strength.

So...can you understand my fear this time? The GI doctor is actually a very compassionate and skilled man. I just don't want to end up bleeding internally, rushing to an ER, to be worked on by a surgeon whose adhesion knowledge is limited to being able to spell the word!

If anyone has had a bowel resection I would appreciate your sharing your history/complications and hope...

Merri Ellen

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