Dr. appt. with better results

From: Merri Ellen (meg132@twcny.rr.com)
Sat Oct 23 07:01:00 1999

Hi everyone! I went to a Gastro Dr. yesterday for a consultation about a colonoscopy. I only agreed to go if we would JUST be talking about it! One false move toward a scope or instument and he knew I would make Flash Gordon look like a geriactric patient! Hahahaha! I have agreed to follow through with the tests (grrrrrr) if only for the fact that both my parents have had colon problems. Mom had colon cancer, ending in an ileostomy. He did agree with me that previous tests (11 years ago) revealed nothing and the entire trouble was not internal colon problems. He even agreed that my pain and bowel disturbances may be related to the strangle hold of nasty adhesions. He listened and resonded appropriately to my concerns about the scope. I am usually wrapped pretty tightly with adhesions in the bowel area and my fear is that he would push the scope against the resistance basically because he could not SEE anything to CAUSE the resistance. He promised to retract the scope at first sight of resistance. I didn't ask for a blood oath but I left the office reassured. He gave me Levbid to help control the spastic bowel problems. I have a question for anyone who has had a bowel resection during adhesion lysis. Could the adhesions, which usually form AROUND organs, also form INSIDE organs? I really feel that some of the bowel disturbance is related to the one specific spot where the resection was done years ago. Sorry about being so long winded! Everyone have a great weekend!

Merri Ellen

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