surgery done and back home

From: crm (
Fri Oct 22 20:15:17 1999

Hello Everyone, I wanted to write and let everyone know I went though with the surgery, I had it Monday afternoon it took over 5 hours and 5 days in the hospital, what came out I was shocked. The doctor took the left ovary appendic(sp) and removed adhesions. The doctors were able to do about 60% of the surgery lap and then when they try to get the ovary it was full of adhesions connected to the wall with a cyst the size of 2 golf balls. The doctor also told me he knew the worse case and just did not think I was his worse nightmare but everytime he thought he got though the worse it only got harder there was never a break and he understood why no one wanted to do surgery on, my bowel was stuck to the wall and every organ was affected, so far I feel ok I have alot of pain,have already had an infection and now they think I might be getting another one and the doctors said with all that they did I have an increase chance of infection, I go back on Sunday. I hope everyone is doing good, and take care.....crm

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