Re: intergel

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Thu Oct 21 22:27:50 1999

>Did I miss a post on Intergel? Is it supposed to be approved soon, and
>is there actually been anyone who has had results from it yet? The onl
>thing the gyn mentioned to me last month was seprafilm, and they both
>said there was still no guarantees with this one yet!

Don't know if you missed my earlier postings, but yes, I had the intergel used this summer in a clinical trial and have had good results so far and the doctor who has been doing the clinical trials thinks its great and everyone should be using it. I just also posted the latest news release from lifecore so won't post that again, but if you missed it go to and go to the "press release" section and you can find it. Hearings have been set for November (the 15?). Intergel is available already in other countries, including England and probably Canada as well as other English "colonies" since it has been approved in England. I know there are a few others countries in Europe as well who have already approved it and it's been available for a couple of years. The press releases from a couple of years ago were still available on the website the last time I checked.

Sue Ann

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