Re: Appointment with my surgeon...let the testing begin!!!

From: RSH4799 (
Thu Oct 21 09:40:23 1999

My wife goes through the very same thing. Except no blood in urine. Hang in there.

The pain doctor also said my wife was severly depressed. The psych doctor even wrote a letter saying no she was not and is being treated for it if she was. Wouldn't you be situationally depressed after suffering with this for years and having no real solution except untested procedures? Clinically depressed? Maybe we should define depression as it occurs to people suffering this disorder. To be labeled depressed is not a solution.

We have gone thru the very same tests, the doctors who say something else is going on....order more tests.... find very little.

Take care. Stay positive. Keep reading and reseaching. You may find what works for you.


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