Re: Uh-oh..conflict... - No, just the voices from other sides. :-)

From: Michele (
Sun Oct 17 11:51:04 1999

Michele wrote:

Well, I hope we can all get along. Maybe you're on opposite sides of the SAME river.

At Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Igor Gudymenko wrote:

Yes, it's the same river. :)This river can be crossed just forward. It's impossible to enter the river twice. I had to cross it already and waiting for others. :)

Yes, it has been quite a journey for you. I recognize you are waiting for others. Some will take a long time; some will never cross....either way, it's ok because no one can determine which path is best for any one person. It took me a long time to not seek definitive answers from doctors and others. With respect to formal diagnosis, I think that with endometriosis and adhesions...getting that diagnosis is okay.

The leaves are gorgeous here. Must go. :-)

Take Care, Michele

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