From: Tina Shelby (
Sat Oct 16 16:49:45 1999

Hi again,

If you have trouble with severe constipation and bloating - to the point that you may go four days or even weeks before having a bowel movement - you may want to consider asking your GI specialist or regular doctor for an "Intestional Transit" test. This consists of having the patient swallow some x-ray detectable capsules and the patient has serial x-rays every 2-3 days to track the capsules progress. If it takes 4 or more days for the capsules to pass - it is indication of an "atonic bowel". It is a fairly common problem with young women between the ages of 20-30. Based on the severity - removal of the colon can provide much relief. A great number of those who require a laxative to have a BM have an atonic bowel.


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