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From: teresa hunt (
Sat Oct 16 13:49:23 1999

>From what I understand you, living in Canada have access to the intergel ,
we in the States are so desperately waiting for. I am not sure how to find a doctor in Canada. I'm sure someone can assist you there. Find another doctor to listen. I have been to over 12 doctor in the last 9 months and some agree it's adhesions. Not all doctors agree they exist or even cause pain. WE know different!!!! "Grin and bear is easy for them to say they don't FEEL the pain. GOOD LUCK! Teresa

>From: (Denise Campbell)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
>Subject: New Here!!
>Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 21:55:33 -0500
>I've been reading this forum for the last few months, but this is the
>first time I've posted. I'm almost 27 (in two weeks), in Ontario,
>Canada and after the last two months, so confused. In late June I was
>told by a doctor in the ER where I am, that the pain I'd been having all
>the time, but especially while trying to have a bowel movement and
>during that time of the month was due to adhesions that had formed after
>two prior abdominal surgeries. I was also told I had a partial bowel
>obstruction and put on laxatives. He then sent me to a General Surgeon.
>After looking at his report and doing an exam of my lower right side,
>she told me while there might be adheisions there, she didn't think the
>bowel was involved and sent me for a Barium Enema. That was two weeks
>ago and we got the results on Wednesday afternoon. The test showed no
>problems w/the bowel itself, but when I asked why there is so much pain
>down there, especially when I try to go to the bathroom, she told me
>adheisions are scar tissue that have no give and when they're attached
>to the bowel they keep the bowel from being as flexible as it normally
>is, therefore the pain. She then told me as far as the pain is I will
>just have to, "Grin and bear it.", then she wished me Good Luck and
>walked out the door. I'm so confused AND angry. I don't know what to
>do and the pain is getting worse by the day and it's also moved. When I
>tried to tell her this, she just kept on going like she never heard me.
>What is my next step or option. I can't sit straight or lie flat on my
>back in bed anymore and feel nauseous most of the time. Like I said, I
>really don't know what to do. Any suggestions or ideas would be
>greatly, greatly appreicated. Thanks in advance.

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