The river's name

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Sat Oct 16 04:04:01 1999

Dear Tina,

As I see you are going to continue this play. But unfortunately we are not at the theater and I'm not interested in it. That's our life and we have to think about it but not about how clever or passionate our words are sounded.

I've mentioned about two banks of the river. Yes, we are on the opposite banks of the same river. And the name of that river is ARROGANCE and LAZINESS. And every sick man has to cross that river in his life. But if he gives up so he'll get sorrow result. :(

Think about it, Tina. Don't be in a hurry with this message reply. Try to sit awhile quietly and think about own life, about own real intentions, motives, goals. Having broken your arrogance you'll gain your first victory over your ailment. It would be better for your embitter mind than useless struggle with me - I'm already on the other bank. So I'm not your rival.

Still waiting for your examples.

With Love, Igor Gudymenko

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