Re: IBS connection to adhesions?

From: Deedra Climer (
Fri Oct 15 16:51:01 1999

Ginny, I have posted a message about my gi appt. next week. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your concern. I am being a bit sensitive these days..I am a person who has always felt "in charge" of my body and it's hard for me to accept that I don't know alot about what is going on with me and I can't do much to control it (control freak?)

As I write, I can feel pain in my lower left abdomen. In addition, when I 'plop' down in a chair, or even sit flat, I feel pain from my rectum up into my abdomen. As soon as 10 minutes after a meal, I feel extreme bowel urgency. Sometimes stool can consist of liquid and hard, bead-like stool in the same "sitting" (excuse the crudeness). Does this sound like IBS? And does anyone know the "connection" between adhesions and IBS?

At Sat, 9 Oct 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>Hi Deedra:
>I too have had blood in the stool. Mucous and bloating and pain can be
>symtoms of irritable bowel syndrome, but blood is not a symptom of this
>and should be checked out by a gi. Colonoscopy is not as bad as it
>sounds. The prep is worse than the proceedure and it's over very
>quickly. You probably won't even remember much of the proceedure at all
>and it is typically painless. In my case they diagnosed Crohn's, but I
>as well as blood, I had fevers, elevated white blood cell counts, pain,
>eye and back problems that had been going on over several years. Is
>this your first experience with blood? I am not a medical professional,
>just speaking from experience, but blood should always warrant a full
>workup by a gi. Sometimes a singular experience with blood can be as
>simple as over use of an anti-imflammatory medications such as advil or
>a intestinal flu that aggravates the lining of the intestine. Again, I
>am not a professional I just want you to know what are some of the
>causes of blood and to not scare you, but encourage you to follow up
>with the gi. I agree with others about the hysterectomy. I had one two
>years ago for adenomyoisis and the adhesions just fill in where the
>organs used to be. I don't think this is a good option for a person
>with adhesions unless there are other problems that warrant it. Not
>that adhesions are not a problem as we all know. I am giving the pain
>management route a try starting on Monday as I don't want anymore
>surgery and neither do my doctors. Take care and welcome to the forum.
>At Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Deedra Climer wrote:
>>Hello everyone. I am new at this whole internet thing....was very
>>suprised to find so much info out there on a problem I had thought was
>>mine. I am 32 yo, hx of pid & gallbladder surgery. I was diagnosed
>>with p.a. 4 years ago when my ob/gyn told me that they are so extensive
>>that my only option is hysterectomy. One tube and ovary are adhered to
>>my bowel, the other tube and ovary are "totally obliterated". After
>>finding mucous (sp)and blood in my stool and having increased bloating
>>and pain, I went to the doctor yesterday and he has blown me off and
>>sent me to a gastro. I guess a gastro could be helpful in determining
>>if there is any obstruction. I am bummed. The ob/gyn says that there
>>is a good chance of a colostomy if he tried to remove the adhesions from
>>my bowels. Doesn't sound like fun to me. Anyone have any thoughts on
>>this? Has anyone else been told that hysterectomy is the only option?

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