still feeling bad

From: toni welsh (
Thu Oct 14 21:44:31 1999

hello girls,

i seem to be getting worse as time goes by here, yesterday morning i got up and was n so much discomfort and ain in the whole lower pelvic area I could not even more for 4 hours. When I did I did things rel slow, I cried MOST of the day and told m husband I am so confused and scared now. I saw my gyn in mid september, and he did a rectal and it hurt pretty much, especially on the right side, and he had said the only thing now I was out a year, is to operat, ut he and gen.surgeon would work together, and right now all there was to use instea of interceed which helped NONE in 2 laparotomies last year, was seprafilm, but there was still no guarantees. We talked about the new barriers, but as he said he was not aware of them being out yet.

I am so sick of telling my family, not husband, sister, and hiding the problems from my father so he don't worry, I could scream. That is why I see the gyn and pain clinic, they understand me. But the meds I take are NOT helping fully, and I thought taking oxycontin every 6 hours would help. I do not want to get on these drugs forever, and the gyn worries if they do the surgery, I will be immue to pain medication, and the pain killers after surgery will keep being upped. The only way they canin to operate now due to such dense and hard adhesions, is laparotmy. The last 2 laps failed, and the one he converted to laparototmy to take last ovary, and the last one i sept was so painful. Now he says there is higher risks of possibly losing some of the bowel next time, and that scares me. I have lost another 5 pounds now down to 95 and no one understands I am NOT hungry. When i eat I get full very easy!

So confused about all this. I cannot stand it, and hate to keep bothering the drs. What do you do? Feeling sobad AGAIN!


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