Re: Fiber problem

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Thu Oct 14 03:13:47 1999

Dear Christine, you wrote: > I found your response to Igor very interesting. With your background,
> maybe you can answer a question I have about diet.

> Why is it that a low residue/fiber diet works well for those
> who have bowel adhesions? (and other bowel problems but apparently not
> IBS) The reason I ask this is because high fiber is supposed to make the
> action of the bowel easier. This is what my doctor told me in his
> attempt to promote a high fiber diet. He said the bowel has to work
> harder to move contents along when there is low residue. So you would
> think in the case of bowel adhesions, the bowel working harder (with low
> fiber diet) would cause the adhesions to pull and cause pain. But this
> isn't how it seems to work! It seems that a high fiber diet causes more
> pain!

> Chris S.

Problem is not in fiber. Moreover there is no such natural substance "fiber". It's a complex of various substances with various features. The problem is in callous mucous membrane of guts especially of large intestine, and hyper-tone of bowel muscles. Low residue diet is the vicious cycle since it causes new bowel problems like atony.

With Love, Igor Gudymenko

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